Navigational Sounds Extension


A simple extension that plays the Windows Internet Explorer start and end navigation sounds, popup blocked and information bar sounds, feed and search provider discovered sounds, and download completed sound.

It includes no sounds of its own, it just tries to play the Windows ones.


Version 1.4.0 is available for Firefox 45.0 and above, from the Mozilla Add-ons site.

Version 1.4.0 (debug) is available if you're having problems.

Source code is available.

Sound Sources

Each of the sounds can be changed in the Windows Control Panel "Sounds":

Navigational Sounds Control Panel Sounds
Start Navigation File Explorer > Start Navigation
Complete Navigation File Explorer > Complete Navigation
Blocked Pop-up Window File Explorer > Blocked Pop-up Window
Information Bar File Explorer > Notification bar
Feed Discovered File Explorer > Feed Discovered
Search Provider Discovered File Explorer > Search Provider Discovered
Download Completed Windows > Asterisk

Note: In Windows 7 and earlier the "File Explorer" entry is called "Windows Explorer".


Navigational Sounds may be a very small extension (only 9KB currently), but there are many possible problems with it working. Below I will explain what you can do to try and help work out what is wrong.

  1. Start Firefox with a single blank page, "about:blank" will do, though this procedure will work with any page - the important point is to open Firefox with only one tab.
  2. Load the URL "about:config" into the Firefox window.
  3. Locate the item javascript.options.showInConsole (you can use the filter to help).
  4. Make sure the Value is "true"; if it is not, double-click to change it. You can also use the context menu to change the value.
  5. Load any simple, static webpage you like. The homepage will do.
  6. Open the Error Console (select the Tools menu, then the Error Console option).
  7. Look for any items in the Error Console that start "navsounds". There may be none, a couple, or even lots, depending on the problems it has encountered.
  8. Open a text editor or e-mail program, ready to send me the details.
  9. Right-click on each entry in turn that mentions "navsounds" and select Copy. Then paste the item into the e-mail.
  10. Include as much information about your operating system as possible. If you are not sure what information to include, I suggest following these instructions:
    1. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard (the one with the Windows logo on it), then press the Break key. This should open a window titled "System Properties".
    2. Type out all the information at the top, under the "System:" heading, into the e-mail. This will include the version of Windows, and the Service Pack installed.
    3. Do not include anything below the "Registered to:" line, this is not relevant (or even any of my business!).
    4. Close the window either with the X in the top-right corner, or the Cancel button, to ensure no accidental changes are made.
  11. Send the e-mail. If you included a valid From e-mail address, I will most likely reply to thank you for the information. I may also ask for some extra information, or ask if you would try a special version of the extension to help diagnose the problem.

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