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 *Example formats:*
   - 4F0003
   - 0x4F0003
   - 004F0003
   - 0x004F0003
   - 5177347
 "*Full error table*" <nserror_list>

Mozilla Error Lookup

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@<SCRIPT SRC="nsError.js"></SCRIPT>
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@<FORM onsubmit="gotoErrorPage(); return false;">
@<P><LABEL FOR="input">Error code:</LABEL> <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" ID="input" SIZE="20"> <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Show"></P>

@<DIV ID="nserror_output"></DIV>

The /Mozilla Error Lookup/ page has an up-to-date list of all the result codes defined within the Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey source code. Each result code @- even if it is not defined in the source @- will be split in to a module, severity and number using the XPConnect result code rules. Usually, though, the code will be defined and have a symbolic name (the name used within the code itself).
@<!-- , which is the first indicator of what went wrong. -->

@<!-- Unfortunately, the symbolic name is also the last indicator of what went wrong, and can sometimes be very unhelpful. The /Mozilla Error Lookup/ page now includes links to popular search engines to ease searching for more information on particular result codes. In the future, it is hoped that there can be some short description to go with many common result codes to aid the debugging and problem solving process. -->


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