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CodePlexVersionCheck Constructor (projectName, releaseName, currentVersionReleaseDate)
NamespacesJgrCodePlexVersionCheckCodePlexVersionCheck(String, String, DateTime)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Initializes the CodePlex check.
Declaration Syntax
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public CodePlexVersionCheck(
	string projectName,
	string releaseName,
	DateTime currentVersionReleaseDate
Public Sub New ( _
	projectName As String, _
	releaseName As String, _
	currentVersionReleaseDate As DateTime _
	String^ projectName, 
	String^ releaseName, 
	DateTime currentVersionReleaseDate
projectName (String)
The name of the CodePlex project, as used in the hostname of the CodePlex website.
releaseName (String)
The prefix of the releases to include, e.g. "Foo Editor" will match any release who's name starts "Foo Editor". An empty string will match all releases in the project.
currentVersionReleaseDate (DateTime)
The data and time with which to compare.

Assembly: JGR (Module: JGR) Version: 0.5.4008.31681