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SimisFile Constructor (fileName, simisFormat, streamFormat, streamCompressed, tree, simisProvider)
NamespacesJgr.IO.ParserSimisFileSimisFile(String, SimisFormat, SimisStreamFormat, Boolean, SimisTreeNode, SimisProvider)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates a SimisFile from the component parts.
Declaration Syntax
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public SimisFile(
	string fileName,
	SimisFormat simisFormat,
	SimisStreamFormat streamFormat,
	bool streamCompressed,
	SimisTreeNode tree,
	SimisProvider simisProvider
Public Sub New ( _
	fileName As String, _
	simisFormat As SimisFormat, _
	streamFormat As SimisStreamFormat, _
	streamCompressed As Boolean, _
	tree As SimisTreeNode, _
	simisProvider As SimisProvider _
	String^ fileName, 
	SimisFormat^ simisFormat, 
	SimisStreamFormat streamFormat, 
	bool streamCompressed, 
	SimisTreeNode^ tree, 
	SimisProvider^ simisProvider
fileName (String)
The file to read from.
simisFormat (SimisFormat)
The SimisFormat for this SimisFile.
streamFormat (SimisStreamFormat)
The SimisStreamFormat for this SimisFile.
streamCompressed (Boolean)
The Boolean indicating whether the stream should be compressed when written from this SimisFile.
tree (SimisTreeNode)
The SimisTreeNode tree for this SimisFile.
simisProvider (SimisProvider)
A SimisProvider within which the appropriate [!:Bnf] for writing can be found.

Assembly: JGR.IO.Parser (Module: JGR.IO.Parser) Version: 0.5.4008.31682