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What Value Tinderboxes

The Mozilla Foundation did a major colo move on Saturday. Naturally, all the tinderbox trees were closed from Friday evening so that no-one tried to do anything silly during the move.

Now, it is Monday and the current tree has the following tinderboxes:

  • Linux comet Dep release
  • Linux lhasa Dep release (gtk2+xft)
  • Linux nye Dep bloat
  • MacOSX Darwin 7.9.0 planetoid Dep (temporary)
  • MacOSX Darwin 8.7.0 bm-xserve02 Dep Universal release

And the only reason the tree is currently still closed is this:

"The tree is CLOSED until we get luna or btek tinderbox up, for reliable Tp coverage."

Both luna and btek are Linux tinderboxes. That means that no-one cares that there are no Windows build boxes currently up and running properly. Seriously. That is just lame.

There is no way I am checking a single thing in until we have a decent set of builds testing the most-used tier 1 platform.

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