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NVidia in Bug-Fixing Shocker

You may remember my previous post about NVidia's (then) latest drivers have some issues; in particular, the leaking of kernel-space objects being the most serious.

Since then, I'd upgraded to 91.47 to no avail, but today I upgraded to 93.71 and it is no longer leaking them!

Start NVidia control panel:

lkd> !object fffffadfb4fbc060
Object: fffffadfb4fbc060  Type: (fffffadfb5ab86c0) Process
   ObjectHeader: fffffadfb4fbc030
   HandleCount: 2  PointerCount: 87

Close it again:

lkd> !object fffffadfb4fbc060
fffffadfb4fbc060: Not a valid object (ObjectType invalid)


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