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ChatZilla: Notify on All Messages

ChatZilla users have for a while wanted to get a notification on all messages, but we've never considered it important enough to warrant fixing individually, instead opting to recommended some workarounds:

  • Add all vowels/letters to the Stalk List, thus triggering the normal stalk matching on (almost) every message.
  • Write a simple script, but never providing one ourselves.
  • Wait for the new message filtering which will be able to do it, among many other variations.

Today, another user asked for this feature, and I caved in and wrote a script to do it. To install the script:

  1. Find the scripts folder. You can use either /pref profilePath or /pref initialScripts since the latter defaults to the "scripts" subdirectory of the former. You want the "scripts" subdirectory, if that wasn't obvious.
  2. Create a new directory for this script. My suggested name is "message-notify", just to match the script's ID, but ChatZilla doesn't care.
  3. Save the script itself into the new directory, making sure to name it "init.js".
  4. Reload all scripts with "/eval processStartupScripts()". This will reload all the scripts found in the subdirectories of the "scripts" directory - including the new one.

The following message categories trigger the script, but only when the window is inactive (nothing happens if the window is active):

  • channel:privmsg
  • channel:action
  • channel:notice
  • channel:join
  • channel:part
  • channel:quit
  • channel:kick

The script has two preferences:

  • sound - specifies what sound to play when a message arrives. Defaults to "beep", and can accept the same things as the standard ChatZilla sound preferences (namely, a file: URL, "beep" or "none").
  • attention - specifies whether to grab the user's attention, which usually means flashing the window but can vary by platform. Defaults to "true".


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