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Open Rails 1.1

Open Rails 1.1 has been released!




  • Refuelling from water troughs added
  • Activity restricted speed zones added
  • Switching control to another train (AI and static) added
  • Auxiliary tender support added
  • Blended dynamic brakes support added
  • Improved sound cut-off distances
  • Additional sound triggers added
  • Multiple freight animations added
  • Loading/unloading animations for freight animations added
  • Join/split functionality with player and AI trains improved


  • Code has been re-factored to ease future developments
  • 3D cabs loaded by default when present
  • Quick access to documentation from the menu
  • Activity events can now dynamically change the weather
  • AI trains can now get permission to pass signals at danger
  • Super-elevation updated and harmonic-rocking improved
  • Manual signalling mode can be engaged while moving
  • Compressor information now shown in HUD
  • Additional locomotive's brake status now shown in HUD
  • Engine brakes extended to work with tender
  • Keyboard commands for cutting off power and setting brakes off added
  • EP brake partial release support added
  • Brake pipe pressure propagation improved
  • Bailoff on twin pipe airbrakes improved
  • Engine and independent brakes improved
  • 3D cab digital gauges improved
  • Train lights condition for "service" improved
  • Sound looping improved
  • Stereo/mono cab sounds improved compatibility
  • Gear cab view control added
  • Projected speed cab view control added
  • Friction braking cab view control improved
  • Night-switching of cab view in tunnels improved
  • "Variable1" in gearless diesels improved
  • "Variable2" in electrics improved
  • "Variable3" in diesels and electrics improved
  • Multiplayer can now connect to domain names in addition to IPs
  • Options to limit safe speed through curves, with penalties for breaches
  • Options for improved weather visuals on supported systems
  • Optimizated selection of track sounds
  • Correction of faulty engine parameters added


  • Activity event popup is larger and more responsive to lots of text
  • Messages for AI trains improved
  • Train Operations window updates at reversal points
  • Signal lights reliability improved
  • Save/Resume after train reversal improved
  • Fuel consumption calculations improved
  • Doors open correctly after reversal
  • "Include" directive for content improved

Important notes:

  • Open Rails develops features and bug fixes in public at
  • Open Rails is distributed under the GNU GPL v3 free software license

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