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James Ross

2011-02-12 15:24:31

Match assembly info with other projects.


James Ross

2010-05-31 14:16:38

Re-license code from Ms-PL -> New BSD.


James Ross

2010-01-07 17:59:03

Updating build paths.


James Ross

2009-09-28 21:35:31

Add licensing headers and LICENSE file.


James Ross

2009-09-19 15:36:30

Updated to VS2008.

Fixed some elements not being aligned correctly on resize.

Make speed display show just one direction if it is significantly faster than the other.

Add basic rate limiting with hard-coded limit (8KB/s) for now.

Fix DCStream so $ and | are encoded properly instead of just stripped.

Utilised auto-properties in a few objects.

Add some locking to thread and listener lists.

Add logging of Client->Client command $Error.

Changes to Hub->Client command $ConnectToMe - a pending connect to the user is removed before the new one is added.

Add support for Hub->Client command $ForceMove - replaces remote host/port with ForceMove details and disconnects the client.


James Ross

2008-10-25 21:03:16

Updated to Visual Studio 2008.


James Ross

2008-10-14 13:06:09

Change DCStream from using TcpClient + NetworkStream to using a Socket directly.

Implement DCStream.Connected that actually bloody works, unlike all the BCL Connected properties.

Don't call DCStream.InternalRead() if we don't need it to answer Available query.

Use DCStream.Available in ReadCommand instead of InternalRead.

Debug.WriteLine the start and end of every Stop() method so shutdown can be observed.

Implement direction switching of client streams (so they know who started it, thus which was the data's going).

Switch hub and client connection thread to use DCStream.Connected and DCStream.Available always.

Handled invalid arguments in search requests (i.e. negative ports!).


James Ross

2008-10-14 12:41:37

Add two bandwidth usage bars for upload and download of data.


James Ross

2008-10-13 22:57:23

Finished setting up proxy object (added/change/removed) events.

Removed many extraneous "private" keywords.

Corrected GUI proxy object event handlers to be thread-safe.

Added isBinary flag to DCStream and implemented automatic switch from non-binary to binary upon sight of the $ADCSND command (more to be added, plus switch back, later).

Split Chat DCStreamCommandType into Notice, Message and Action.

Corrected some bugs in handling of DCStream commands and added many assertions to verify behaviour.

Added DCStreamCommand.ToRawString(), which returns the command as it was recieved and as it should be sent on the wire.

Changed DCstreamCommand.ToString() to format nicely for debug output (i.e. no dump of binary data).

Move lots of code from ProxyConnectionHub into ProxyConnection, where it belongs.

Implemented most of ProxyConnectionClient.


James Ross

2008-09-24 01:42:37

Make GUI show that it is closing when you try to close it.

Remove placeholder "-"s on unused columns of hub proxy object rows.

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