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James Ross

2015-05-10 21:17:01

When an operation fails, realign the source with reality as well as destination, to cope with programs making temporary files which don't even last long enough to capture.


James Ross

2014-12-02 20:47:20

Bump the HTTP POST timeout up to 15 minutes.


James Ross

2014-11-12 10:30:59

Put back the 10 minute startup period.


James Ross

2014-11-12 10:28:49

Fix for process starting normally and staying around with no icon if you exit during "startup" period.


James Ross

2014-11-11 21:40:04

Fix new bug with verification of new items.


James Ross

2014-11-11 19:33:39

Make /once save caches like normal mode.

Order creates and deletes so that their containers are done in the correct order vs contents.

Fix for not treating blank responses as errors for a few HTTP methods.


James Ross

2014-11-11 19:31:11

Reformat code to VS2013 defaults.


James Ross

2014-08-31 15:42:38

Redo icons in SVG and update colours to look a little more like Windows 7/8 icons.

Add /icontest mode for testing visuals of icons.


James Ross

2014-08-20 21:01:20

Correct wording of starting up text.

Make sure the icon goes away when you quit.


James Ross

2014-08-13 20:45:26

Add new /startup option to delay activity by 10 minutes on start.

Add context menu showing the sync sources/targets and exit item.

Add set thread names with source/target for debugging.

Condition error catching on release mode.

Add errors for various HTTP/S actions when appropriate configration is missing.

Fix for stream-closed error when using HTTP/S GetItemContents.

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