Silver's Simple Site - Weblog - 2005 - November - 09

Weblog Issues

I've noticed a few bugs and general issues with my weblog software today, so I'll just write it down so you know and I don't forget to fix it on Friday or at the weekend.

  • RSS feed for comments is needed (both for each post, and globally).
  • RSS feed for tag list, and for posts in each tag needed.
  • RSS feed for each date grouping allowed, maybe.
  • If you preview a comment post for a second time, the URL gains an extra "/", which messes up the stylesheet loading and the page title.
  • Link to next month is broken when next month is December (the page title is right, but it is using month 00, instead of 12).
  • Link to next/previous month doesn't change year if wrapping is involved.

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