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The Art of the Proxy Configuration

ChatZilla doesn't support HTTP proxies. Well, I say "HTTP proxies" but this particular thing apparently has far too many names:

  • HTTP proxy [X-Chat]
  • SSL proxy [Firefox]
  • CONNECT proxy
  • URL proxy
  • Secure proxy
  • (incorrectly) HTTPS proxy
  • "Proxy" protocol [mIRC]

Personally, most of them are completely meaningless terms. "HTTP proxy" is what everyone (except Ben C) calls it.

The problem that we face is relatively simple from the top, but a real pain to actually fix: we ask Necko (Mozilla's network layer) to pick the proxy to use.

The result is that it will ask PAC if so configured, just return the SOCKS v4/v5 proxy, or return no proxy. The user has no way to configure Necko to give IRC the HTTP proxy.

There are a few things we can do, none of which seem that good:

  • Add a single option to force ChatZilla to use Necko's HTTP proxy.
  • Add an option to pick between none, HTTP proxy and SOCKS proxy.
  • Add an option to override Necko, and also add host/port settings.

The real problem is that adding any options will be creating two locations for proxy configuration. Could we automatically pick when to ignore Necko's choice? Maybe. Should we? Probably not.

If only I got paid for doing this...

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What Value Tinderboxes

The Mozilla Foundation did a major colo move on Saturday. Naturally, all the tinderbox trees were closed from Friday evening so that no-one tried to do anything silly during the move.

Now, it is Monday and the current tree has the following tinderboxes:

  • Linux comet Dep release
  • Linux lhasa Dep release (gtk2+xft)
  • Linux nye Dep bloat
  • MacOSX Darwin 7.9.0 planetoid Dep (temporary)
  • MacOSX Darwin 8.7.0 bm-xserve02 Dep Universal release

And the only reason the tree is currently still closed is this:

"The tree is CLOSED until we get luna or btek tinderbox up, for reliable Tp coverage."

Both luna and btek are Linux tinderboxes. That means that no-one cares that there are no Windows build boxes currently up and running properly. Seriously. That is just lame.

There is no way I am checking a single thing in until we have a decent set of builds testing the most-used tier 1 platform.

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