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Start Shortcuts

So I was bored, and reading Faux's weblog archive, and found this one on mouseless use.

That got me thinking - just how many shortcuts does Windows have, that most people don't know? I'd wager it's more than you think.

The most well-known set are <Win> plus a letter. So here's the list for Windows XP Professional x64:

  • <Win> - Start menu
  • <Win>+B - Focus Shell Notification Area
  • <Win>+D - Show Desktop (toggle)
  • <Win>+E - Open Explorer
  • <Win>+F - Open Find for Files
  • <Win>+<Control>+F - Open Find for Computers
  • <Win>+L - Lock Workstation
  • <Win>+M - Minimise all windows (<Win>+<Shift>+M to undo)
  • <Win>+R - Run dialog
  • <Win>+U - Run Utility Manager (accessibility stuff lies this way)

<Win>+B took me by surprise, so I figure not everyone knows all of the above list, however common some of them are.

The others, people only seem to know a few, and I suspect there will be at least one new one here for everyone.

  • <Win>+F1 - Open Help and Support Center
  • <Win>+<Break> - System Properties
  • <Win>+<Tab> - Focus and select taskbar programs (try this - you'll like it)
  • <Control>+D - Delete in Explorer
  • <Control>+<Esc> - Start menu for luser keyboards
  • <Control>+<Shift>+<Esc> - Task Manager
  • <Shift>+<Menu> - Extra context items (like Run As and Open With)
  • <Shift>+F10 - Context menu (<Shift>+<Menu> for luser keyboards)
  • <Shift>+[No] on Explorer dialogs - No to all

Those are all the ones I can remember and/or find right now. I am certain that there are more, but they will have to be documented another day.

The reason for all this was because Faux's description of using <Win>+D then <Tab> to get to the start menu button seemed excessive, and has the side-effect of minimising all running programs. <Win>, <Esc> is much easier to focus the button, but for what he's suggesting, you just need to hit <Win> and use the arrow keys. Or, if you want to play with your open applications, <Win>, <Esc> then <Tab> to the taskbar, though I prefer <Win>+<Tab> to do that directly.

Now if only my weblog had a shortcut for [Post]...

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