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Windows Vista Shortcuts for Japanese IME

General Language and Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
<Left Alt> + <Shift> Switch input language
<Control> + <Shift> Switch keyboard layout

These can be changed from Control Panel, in Regional and Language Options, Keyboard and Languages tab, "Change keyboards...", Advanced Key Settings tab. Alternatively, right-click the Language Bar and select "Settings...".

Japanese IME Shortcuts (summary)

Normal Mode (not in the middle of entering a word/phrase)
<Control> + <Caps Lock> Switch to Hiragana input
<Alt> + <Caps Lock> Switch to full-width Katakana input
<Shift> + <Caps Lock> Toggle half-width alphanumeric (English) input and Hiragana input
<Alt> + <`>
<Control> + <Shift> + <Caps Lock> Toggle kana and romanji input
<Shift> + <Space> Enter half-width alphanumeric (English) space
Conversion Mode (when entering word/phrase via IME)
<Shift> + <Left> Use less characters for conversion
<Shift> + <Right> Use more characters for conversion
<F6> Convert to Hiragana Each of these will flip through a number of possibilities on each press.
<F7> Convert to Katakana
<F8> Convert to half-width Katakana
<F9> Convert to alphanumeric
<F10> Convert to half-width alphanumeric (English)

These can be changed from the Japanese IME itself, which can be accessed from the Language Bar (right-click and select "Settings...", then select the IME and click "Properties..."). On the Editing tab, there is a drop-down of key templates and the option to edit. The above keys are all for the default key template ("Microsoft IME").

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