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ChatZilla Plugin: Network Trace


This plugin for ChatZilla allows you to see the incoming and outgoing network messages easily.


  • /network-trace [<toggle>]

    Without any arguments, displays the tracing status for the current network.

    With the toggle argument, controls the tracing status for the current network. "true", "on", "yes" and "1" will enable tracing. "false", "off", "no" and "0" will disable tracing.


[<<] PING
[>>] PONG
[>>] JOIN #channel
[<<] :Nickname!chatzilla@hostname JOIN :#channel
[<<] 353 Nickname = #channel :@Nickname
[<<] 366 Nickname #channel :End of /NAMES list.
[>>] MODE #channel
[<<] 324 Nickname #channel +nt
[<<] 329 Nickname #channel 1454711109
[>>] PART #channel :
[<<] :Nickname!chatzilla@moz-eif.ga4.155.217.IP PART #channel :""


If you have ChatZilla build 0.9.92 2016-02-08 19:00 or later, you can do:


Otherwise, due to a bug, you will need to download the master archive and extract it in to a new subfolder of the "scripts" folder. This can be found inside the path shown by the command "/pref profilePath".


[INFO] Preference “profilePath” is “C:\Users\James\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\chatzilla”.

means the best place to extract the archive is


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