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Open Rails 1.2

Open Rails 1.2 has been released!




  • Working turntables added
  • Semaphore signal arm position compatibility improved
  • Mileposts in track monitor added
  • Diverging switches in track monitor added
  • Braking friction and wheel skid added
  • Tonnage/Load information in HUD added
  • Time of day waiting points improved
  • Car ID in car operations window added
  • Delay time of night cab textures added
  • Tilting trains and super-elevation improved
  • Driver-controlled circuit breaker added
  • Tracking cameras (#2 and #3) improved
  • Multiple car spawner lists added
  • Include files for tsection.dat added
  • Loading screen for routes improved
  • Shape warnings disabled by default


  • Transfer edges have been improved
  • Logging for missing textures added
  • Fuel pickup sounds improved
  • Saving and restoring reliability improved
  • Signal script compatibility improved
  • Combined cab control compatibility improved
  • Cab controls' frame compatibility improved
  • Compatibility with certain shapes improved
  • Double reverse points compatibility improved
  • Dynamic track compatibility improved
  • Un-braked consists compatibility improved


  • Road car shadows added
  • CentreOfGravity positioning of wagons added
  • Sound frequency calculations improved
  • Visibility of signals in track monitor improved
  • Level crossing activation improved
  • Track sounds calculations improved
  • Passenger view animation speed improved
  • Fuel pickup animation speed improved
  • Introductory train rides appear in menu

Important notes:

  • Open Rails develops features and bug fixes in public at
  • Open Rails is distributed under the GNU GPL v3 free software license

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