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"My pages" <chatzilla> on "ChatZilla" <> is an "IRC" <> client written entirely in "JavaScript" <>, "XUL" <>, "CSS" <> and "HTML" <>.

NS Error

Once upon a time, "timeless" <> [* A perminant resident of some IRC development channels, and has probably touched most of the Mozilla codebase at least once.] made JavaScript file containing all known Mozilla error codes, and it was called 'nsError.js'. The current "nsError.js" <> is what "my web page NSError" <misc/nserror> is based on - it loads a regularly updated version which works outside of the Mozilla XPConnect world of the original. It also has some "neat tricks" <misc/nserror?0x804b0042> that may, one day, actually be used.

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