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Anger Rising

It's not a good day, and there's plenty to piss me off:

  • Someone broke the authentication for Trac (wants-to-be-Bugzilla when it grows up thing) for the IRC bot I work on.
  • Possibly same someone put a disrespectful message on the test version of the new Computing Society website.
  • Still no-one wants to review the patch which is blocking my theme work.
  • My ISP is dropping my ADSL connection an average of 15 times a day for the last two weeks.

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Firefox's Anti-Phishing

So I thought I'd try it out, as it's supposedly worth using. Ha. It suffers from a few rather fundamental problems here:

  • It waited three seconds before claiming the test page was actually a phishing page, even though it's set to use a locally stored list.
  • It changed my browser's configuration just to display the warning - it turned on the navigation toolbar, which would have been fine if it then hid it again after, but it didn't.
  • It positions its "disabled webpage" XUL code horribly, which causes the following extra statusbar row:

    To change into:

    In other words, it inserted itself between extensions and other code usually attached to the statusbar, and the statusbar itself, causing them to all end up at the top of the screen. If you don't see how silly this is, look what happens with the find toolbar:

  • Finally, it completely fails to display the "disabled" webpage. I expect this is Canvas and Cairo being shit, but it none the less makes the entire feature rather sucky.

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