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And so it begins.

My time is slowly wasting away. Silly paid work. Still, money is money. Kinda.

New PC is still in bits, unfortunately, due to a rather important lack of PSU. There'll be some harsh words about this tomorrow!

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Last Minute Panic

Dontcha just love 'em? My work suddenly seemed to decide that everything you could think of needed changing/doing with the project, and with the deadline at 1pm! Oh, and we had some fun with rsync not setting the times on the synced files for part of the day. I've done over 18 hours work over yesterday and today, and man I'm worn out.

And my PSU hasn't arrived yet. europc--

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It's finally arrived! Wooyay wooyay!

Not that I'm there, of course, but it means me new box will work when I get home.

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