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It's Out!

I suppose I probably should mention that ChatZilla 0.9.69 has been released. Woo.

We're currently working through a couple of big issues, but the release is great. The main problem anyone is likely to encounter is bug 319066, which should only occur if you select the top user in the userlist, and then switch tabs.

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It's been released, but may take a few days to appear on This update fixes the userlist/tab switching issue mentioned previously, as well as some less interesting things, like adding support for /dcc-accept with non-regexp parameters.

As ever, the revisions list has the gory details, including bug links and download link for those too impatient for

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Weblog URL updates

Well, I finally got around to nuking that annoying ".pl" in the weblog's URLs - all the URLs should now not include it. Naturally, I've put a redirect from to weblog, so no links should break.

It took quite a bit of thinking, but it works - not showing file extensions is not one of IIS' strong points, however, it has more than enough power to do it if you know what you're doing. :-)

Please comment here if you find any bugs or other issues with this change, or indeed any part of the weblog system.

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Feed Icons

It's nice to see a good bit of collaboration over something as visually important to users as icons. Since this is all good for the user, Feed Icons has sprung up to help everyone follow suit, and so my weblog now has those funky little orange icons in the top-right corner of every page with a feed.

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