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Venkman Fork Update

Since the fork just over a week ago, the following issues have been fixed:

  • Bug 270298 - Fix profiler to show proper ranges.
  • Bug 295275 - Fix long-standing bug with floating views going blank. Woo.
  • Bug 298736 - Don't get button-related code execution when pausing.
  • Sync some changes from ChatZilla to Venkman. Source views work better after this.
  • Bug 356267 - Fix componentPath to work with toolkit's array of paths. Causes extensions' components to count, for example.
  • Final part of script filtering - preserving chrome, search and recent exclusions; everything works as expected now.
  • Bug 213494 - Sort properties using numeric and non-numeric blocks.
  • Prevent default operations when using -venkman.

More things will be fixed over the coming weeks; any suggestions for which bugs in Bugzilla are causing the most problems are welcome.

Now for the important bit - how to access all this goodness:

cvs -d checkout venkman

Note that, at least for the time being, the fork will continue to have the same extension ID and name as the original and I will not be releasing any XPIs generated from this code (this is very likely to change).

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