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The Ghost Buster now supports Thunderbird

That's right, we've finally got Thunderbird 1.5 support plugged in to the JavaScript Debugger. This also fixes the -venkman command-line flag to work with all toolkit-based apps (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.).

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Debugging Hung Scripts

There's some good fun work out on in bug 341764 allowing you to just smack "Debug" on the ultimate in annoying dialogs. I'm going to love that when it's done.

(Only two days to go!)

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Venkman Fork

This is just an informational post to say that I have created my own fork of Venkman so that I can actually get some damn work done on it. More information will follow; for now you may rant and rave in ignorance.

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Venkman Fork Update

Since the fork just over a week ago, the following issues have been fixed:

  • Bug 270298 - Fix profiler to show proper ranges.
  • Bug 295275 - Fix long-standing bug with floating views going blank. Woo.
  • Bug 298736 - Don't get button-related code execution when pausing.
  • Sync some changes from ChatZilla to Venkman. Source views work better after this.
  • Bug 356267 - Fix componentPath to work with toolkit's array of paths. Causes extensions' components to count, for example.
  • Final part of script filtering - preserving chrome, search and recent exclusions; everything works as expected now.
  • Bug 213494 - Sort properties using numeric and non-numeric blocks.
  • Prevent default operations when using -venkman.

More things will be fixed over the coming weeks; any suggestions for which bugs in Bugzilla are causing the most problems are welcome.

Now for the important bit - how to access all this goodness:

cvs -d checkout venkman

Note that, at least for the time being, the fork will continue to have the same extension ID and name as the original and I will not be releasing any XPIs generated from this code (this is very likely to change).

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